Game Description Genre Download
A Moment of Friction Created as my final project in my Bachelors program at Full Sail University. Slide through each level as you platform your way to victory. Windows Download
Awkward Elephant Created as a school project, take a journey into this short narrative. Windows Download
The Elite Created as a prototype for an action-shooter game as part of my schooling. Windows View on GameJolt
Asylum First-person horror game created as a project for school. Windows Download
Spartan Surprise Use your cunning skills to protect your base and win the heart of your princess. Windows View on GameJolt
Fatal Destiny: Path of Choice Play through the life of a 15 year old in a world-changing adventure before war breaks out in this RPG. (made when I was 15). Windows Download
JetCake Fly around and collect cupcakes in this relaxing arcade-style rage game. Windows View on GameJolt
One Meal Create the best thanksgiving dinner ever in this simulation-style alchemy game! Windows Download
Sensei Says Find yourself becoming a ninja in this arcade-style classic of simon says! Windows Download
Summer Fling Find out how long you can make YOUR relationship last! Windows View on GameJolt
Adventures of Chump A crazy shaman named, Chump decides it is time to have some fun while protecting his true love, Curve. Platform | HTML5 Play
Don't Drop the Soap Tap the soap and pop the bubbles in this endless arcade-style game. Arcade | HTML5 Play
Artzy Splatter pixels on the canvas in this perlenspiel-created game. HTML5 Play
Double Chocolate Chip Muffin Clicker Click your way to the top of the muffin business in this simulation. Windows View on GameJolt
Spy Vs. Hitman Face your friend in this crazy perlenspiel-created cat and mouse game. HTML5 Play
The Right Direction Try to solve each puzzle in this perlenspiel-created puzzle game. HTML5 Play
Adventure Cube Play through as either a mage or warrior in this two-player rogue-like action-rpg. Windows View on GameJolt