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Western Shooter: With Kittens!

Play as a wild west cowboy trying to save kittens from certain doom. This game was made in 12 hours as part of the Wild West Game Jam! It was fun.

One of Us

Command a wave of minions through this reverse castle defense game! Made in 48 (25 hours development, 23 sleeping/eating/relaxing hours) hours! Fight your way to the top of the score board! Who will be the best minion out there?

Make It Stop

Click your way through each level as you discover the true meaning of insanity. This game is packed with 20 levels of puzzles that will keep you busy for hours as you test your skills in patience and spatial recognition.

Color Rush

In this spin-to-win game, you play as an inhibitor trying to capture all of the mana without losing a single ounce for as long as you can handle the heat.