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The newest card game made for casual and competitive gameplay now at your fingertips.

Charlotte, NC — December 4, 2015 | North Suns Entertainment announced today the release of the core starter set that is going to change the way people view survival card games. You will be able to purchase the game online for $24.99 starting December 7, 2015. That’s $5 off during the month of December!

Adapt is a highly strategic survival card game where you take on not only the environment, but your closest friends. Players take turns facing challenges on the island, exploring, hunting, and deciding when to betray the other players all while they are hunting down the precious relics to win the game. You can avoid dangerous misadventures by collecting and holding onto the right supplies, like the fanny pack! Fight your way to ultimate survival and collect the relics around the island for a fun game night with the family or a group of friends!

The game was created by Joshua Long, Full Sail University Graduate, 2014. He feels the game works great in party situations and he would love to spread the game around the world if possible. That’s where you come in; you can buy the game now!

“I am really looking forward to future expansions for the game and see where the community wants to take the game.” – Joshua Long

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