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Santa Ana, CA, April 3, 2016: Adapt: The Survival Card Game is taking the world by storm in an unexpected way. Sources confirm players have taken the game to heart, flocking to the wilds to escape developed society and test their survival skills.

“Adapt is the ONLY survival guide you will ever need,” boasted Joshua Long, creator and CEO of the popular game. “Survival is only a matter of time while playing Adapt. Players will learn the basics of building a campfire to climbing the largest erupting volcano in a matter of hours!”

Created in 2015, Adapt is a simple card game where players take on Character personas provided on Character Cards. They then use Action, Food, and Supplies cards to survive on a fictional island. The first player to collect all three Relic cards (Conch Shell, Coso Relic, and Salzburg Relic) is deemed the winner and rescued from the island.

Mr. Long encourages players to test their survival skills after playing the game. His response to the tent cities cropping up within parks and beaches all across the country: “My simple card game, based around the idea of survival, will make anyone believe they can overcome ANY situation.”

“I’ve never felt more alive!” exclaimed, Naomi Abandana, 43. “With this Fanny Pack, I can hold an extra two cards in my hand. That gives me a huge advantage over everyone else here!”

When asked how he felt about the everyday man going out into the wilderness armed only with a rubber duck, Mr. Long only said, “I feel like they are making the wrong decision. They should have chosen Bear Wolf to come along.”

For more information about Adapt: The Survival Card Game, contact Joshua Long at North Suns Entertainment:

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